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Note: he is shown as Svyatoslav III along with Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich of Kyiv because this one ruled Vladimir and the other ruled Kyiv. Or some lists show him as Svyatoslav I or Svyatoslav Suzdalski - this one was baptized GabrielHe was born about 1196 to Vsyevolod III Yur'yevich Bol'shoye Gnezdo, great prince of Vladimir and Vsyevolod's first wife Maria Shvarnovna, Ossetian princess. He was prince of Pereyaslavl about 1228-1233; and prince of Yur'yev about 1212-13 to 1237; and appanage prince of Suzdal 1238-1247-8; and grand prince of Vladimir 1246-48. He married probably Yevdokia, daughter of David Yur'yevich, appanage prince of Murom. His son was Dmitri, appanage prince of Yur'yev. The family is shown on this chart. The Yur'yev-Pol'ski principality was carved out of the Vladimir-Suzdal' lands at the end of 1212 or start of 1213 for Svyatoslav. After the desctuction of Rus by the Tatars the principality lost its independence again and was part of Vladimir. About 1248 Yur'yev again became a udel capital and the principality was quite small around its main river the Roksha. In the 14th century it was not important politically. Usually the descendents of Svyatoslav Vsyevolodovich served with the Vladimir princes. About 1340 after the death of prince Ivan Yaroslavich without children, Yur'yev again returned to the Vladimir grand principality and then to Moscow.


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