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MSTISLAV IZYASLAVICH (ca 1043 - 1068-9)


He was the son of Izyaslav I Yaroslavich, prince of Kyiv and Gertrud, Polish princess. His son was Rostislav, prince of Kyiv, who died relatively young in 1093. He was crown prince of Kyiv with his father as ruler. Mstislav accompanied his father when the latter fled Kyiv for Poland during the uprising that brought Vseslav to the throne. Then in 1068 he led Izyaslav's army (including Polish support) back to Kyiv and supervised the execution of the ringleaders. He carried the war against Vseslav back to Vseslav's home town, Polotsk, and was appointed by Izyaslav to rule, but died on the spot in 1069. He is shown on this family chart.


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