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Jack Weatherford


Three Rivers Press, N.Y., 1997, 288 pgs., index, bibliography, end notes, paperback


Reviewer comment: This is a 'popular' style book written for the general reader by an author of many books, but not an economist. Each chapter is focused on some 'stories' about various leading 'actors' such as bankers or Templers or Aztecs. The coverate is episodic. The topics from the 1500's on are relatively well described. But the author has a very weak understanding of ancient Mesopotamia, the first civilization that developed money ,banking and elaborate trade.




I - Classic Cash


1. - Cannibals, Choclate, and Cash


2. - The Fifth Element


3. - The Premature Death of Money


4. - Knights of Commerce


5. - The Renaissance: New Money for Old Art


6. - The Golden Curse


II - Paper Money


7. - The Birth of the Dollar


8. - The Devil's Mint


9. - Metric Money


10. - The Gold Bug


11. - The Yellow Brick Road


12. - The Golden Playpen of Politics


III Electronic Money


13. - Wild Money and the Stealth Tax


14. - The Cash Ghetto


15. - Interlude in Plastic


16. - TheErotic Life of Electronic Money


17. - The Art of Currency Terror


18. - The Age of Money













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