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Nicholas Wapshott


Subtitle - The Clash That Defined Modern Economics, W. W. Norton, NY., 2011, 382 pgs., index, bibliography, notes, paperback


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Chapter One - The Gqamorous Hero


Chapter Two - End of Empire


Chapter Three - The Battle Lines Are Drawn


Chapter Four - Stanley and Livingstone


Chapter Five - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance


Chapter Six - Pistols at Dawn


Chapter Seven - Return Fire


Chapter Eight - The Italian Job


Chapter Nine - Toward The General Theory


Chapter Ten - Hayek Blinks


Chapter Eleven - Keynes Takes America


Chapter Twelve - Hopelessly stuck in Chapter 6


Chapter Thirtreen - The Road to Nowhere


Chapter Fourteen - The Wilderness Years


Chapter Fifteen - The Age of Keynes


Chapter Sixteen - Hayek's Counterrevolution


Chapter Seventeen - The Battle Resumed


Chapter Eighteen - And the Winner Is


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