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Mark Skousen

New York Univ. Press, NY., 2015, 402 pgs. , index, notes, references, paperback


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1 - Introduction


Part I - The Structure of Production: A Historical Survey


Chapter 2 - The Theory of Production in Classical Economics


Chapter 3 - Hayek and the 1930's: A New Vision of Macroeconomics


Chapter 4 - Time and Production in the Post-Keynesian Era


Part II: The Theoretical Framework


Chapter 5 - The Structure of Production: The Building Blocks


Chapter 6: Time and the Aggregate Production Structure


Chapter 7 - Savings, Technology, and Economic Growth


Chapter 8 - The Theory of Commodity Money: Economics of a Pure Gold Standard


Chapter 9 - Economics of a Fiat Money Standard; A Theory of the Business Cycle


Part III Applications


Chapter 10 - Implications for Government Economic Policy


Chapter 11 - Conclusions: The Future of Economic Theory and Research


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