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Roger Scruton


Subtitle, Thinkers of the New Left, Bloomsbury, London, 2015, 296 pgs., index, foot notes.


Reviewer Comment - The book is a devastating expose of irrational - non-rational - meandering pseudo-philosophy that has gripped the western world since World War II with beginings after World War I. Dr/ Scruton disects both what passes for thought and its authors. There are more examples included in addition to those cited in the chapter headings.




Chapter 1 - What is Left?


Chapter2 - Resentment in Britain: Hobsbawm and Thompson


Chapter 3 - Disdain in America: Galbraith and Dworkin


Chapter 4 - Liberation in France: Sartre and Foucault


Chapter 5 - Tedium in Germany: Downhill to Habernas


Chapter 6 - Nonsense in Paris: Althusser, Lacan and Deleuze


Chapter 7 - Culture Wars Worldwide: The New Left from Gramsci to Said


Chapter 8 - The Kraken Wakes: Badiou and Zizek


Chapter 9 - What is Right?


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