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Murray N. Rothbard



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Introduction: Douglas French


Part One: The Essential von Mises


1 The Austrian School


2 Mises and "Austrian Economics"


3 Mises on the Business Cycle


4 Mises in the Interwar Period


5 Mises on Economic Calculation and Socialism


6 Mises on the Methodology of Economics


7 Mises and Human Action


8 Mises in America


9 The Way Out


Part Two: Ludwig von Mises: Scholar, Creator, Hero


1 The Young Scholar


2 The Theory of Money and Credit


3 The Reception of Mises and of Money and Credit


4 Mises in the 1920s: Economic Advisor to the Government


5 Mises in the 1920's Scholar and Creator


6 Mises in the 1920s: Teacher and Mentor


7 Exile and the New World


8 Coda: Mises the Man




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