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Michael Pillsbury


Subtitle: China's Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower, St. Martin's Griffin, N.Y., 2016, 332 pgs., index, endnotes, paperback


Reviewer comments: This is a very important book that brings together information from many sources, including Chinese, that describe the Chinese program to become the world's leading power. The subtitle is misleading in calling it 'secret' as the author himself shows by his extensive quotation from open, public Chinese publications that reveal the policies, the theories behind them, and the obvious results from their implementation to date. This is one of the three most significant references (Jonathan Ward's China's Vision of Victory and Kai-Fu- Lee's AI Super Powers China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order are the others. I list links to these and others below. Pilllsbury bases his view on many years of study and working at the highest levels of American policy making during which he had preferential access to senior Chinese military and political officials and theorists. Ward bases his view on years of living in China in direct contact with Chinese of all social levels plus years of study of Chinese documents. Lee bases his view on his years as a senior developer of applications in artificial intelligence and information technology in both the United States and China. He describes what he knows about conemporary and the future results coming from advanced information technology.


Introduction - Wishful Thinking


Chapter 1 - The China Dream


Chapter 2 - Warring States


Chapter 3 - Only China Cound Go to Nixon


Chapter 4 - Mr. White and Ms. Green


Chapter 5 -America, the Great Satan


Chapter 6 - China's Message Police


Chapter 7 -The Assassin's Mace


Chapter 8 - The Capitalist Charade


Chapter 9 - A China World Order in 2049


Chapter 10 - Warning Shots


Chapter 11 - Ameerica as a Warring State



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Warring States Period {short description of image}

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