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Fritz Machlup

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William Hodge and Company, London, 1940, 405 pgs., translated from German by Vera C Smith, index, tables, appendices

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Reviewer's comments:


Chapter I - Competition in the Credit Market


Chapter II - Concepts Used and problems Discussed


Chapter III - The Role of Capital in Security Transactions


Chapter IV - The Absorption of Capital in Stock Exchange Speculation


Chapter V - The Loss of Capital in Stock Exchange Speculation


Capter VI - Demand for Money by the Stock Market


Chapter VII - The Demand for Loans by the Stock Market


Chapter VIII - The Liquid Funds of Bearish Sellers


Chapter IX - Capital Gains, Savings and a Vicious Circle


Chapter X - A Digression on International Speculation


Chapter XI - The Supply of Capital and Industrial Fluctuations


Chapter XII - Credit Creation and the Attempt to Determine its Proper Limits


Chapter XIII - Working Capital and Short Term Loans


Chapter XIV - The Money Market and the Trade Cycle


Chapter XV - Industrial Investment and the Quality of Credit


Chapter XVI - The Stock Market, Easier Credit, Dearer Credit


Chapter XVII - Conclusion


Appendix A - The Movements in Ledger Balances of Banks and Brokers Arising out of Stock Exchange Operations


Appendix B - The Circulation of Brokerage Deposits


Appendix C - Statistical Narrative for the United States


Appendix D - A Few Statistical Figures for England








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