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Georg Friedrich Knapp

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Chapter I Payment, Money and Metal
1. Autometallism: Nominality of the unit of Value
2. Chartal Means of Payment
3. Use in Circulation
4. Plastic and Genetic Relations of Money and the Metals
5. Dromic Relations of Money to Metal


Chapter II Currency within the Home Country
6. Functional Classifications of the Kinds of Money
7. Bimetallism and Types of Standard
8a. Bank-notes
8b. Giro or Transfer Payments
9. Agio of Accessory Money
10. The Piling Up of Accessory Money
11. Changes of Standard


Chapter III Monetary Relations with Foreign Countries
12. The Inter-valuta Exchange
13. Ratio of Gold and Silver
14a. Exodromic Administration
14b. Synchartism
15a. The Stable Exchange and the Ultimaate Goal
15b. Specie Money for Use Abroad, Notal Money for Use at Home


Chapter IV Historical Review of the Several States
16. England
17. France
18a. German Empire in 1905
18b. Germany The Transition Period, 1871-1876
18c. German Empire Cover of a third of the Note Issue, 1907
18d. Germany 1905-1914
19a. Austria, 1857-1892
19b. Austria, 1892-1900


Appendices and Additions


19c. Customs Payments in Austria, 1854-1900 -


19d. Austria Hungary, 1901-1914


20. "Value of Money" and Prices








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