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Alex Kampa

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Subtitle: A small collection of articles and snippets about money followed by a reprint of two seminal articles by Alfred Mitchell-Innes, Godel Press, Luxembourg, 2016, 149 pgs.


Reviewer comment: Mr Kampa is the research director of New Money Hub, which publishes interesting articles on the history and nature of money, mostly quite different in their theory than most establishment economists. I am searching for and will add articles being published by New Money Hub. As the subtitle indicates this issue (which is available also on Internet in PDF) contains various short and longer essays by Mr. Kampa plus his reprint of the three very important essays by Alfred Mitchell-Innes - The Credit Theory of Money - and What is Money? These have also been republshed by L. Randall Wray and scanned into PDF by. {short description of image}

Here I comment on several of Mr. Kampa's essays in this collection . with links to his New Money Hub articles.




Backing of Money (1)


Backing of Money (2)


Money Primitives




On monetary communism


Helicopter money: the question not asked


Government fiat: how much is too much? A practical solution


Bitcoin as conceptual art


Money and Tense


The Credit Conversion Theory of Money


Money and banking a short primer


Alfred Micthell-Innes and the Credit Theory of Money

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What is Money? (by A. Mitchell-Innes)

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The Credit Theory of Money (by A. Mitchell-Innes


Review of "What is Money?" by J.M. Keynes

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Alex Kampa - Can interest ever be repaid?

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Alex Kampa - The Credit Theory of Money

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Alex Kampa - Debunking three functions of money - This is a much needed briliant essay that describes, by questioning, the three standard functions repeatedly printed in economics books. But he does not go far enough. His discussion of 'money as a unit of account' is the best of the three theories.

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Alex Kampa - What is money - This is Mr. Kampa's post of a copy of A. Mitchell Innes' article from the Banking Journal, May 1915, pgs 377-408.


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