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Charles Gasparino


Subtitle: The Unholy Alliance Between Barack Obama and Wall Street, Sentinel, NYC, 2010, 290 pgs., index, notes, appendices


Reviewer comment - The investigative reporter has found the multiple contributions of Wall Street leaders to the Obama presidential campaign and to the Republicans totalling by his count about20 million to the Democtats and almost 14 million to the Republicans. This was in the context of the 2007-9 financial crisis in which the Wall Street money men were anxious to survive. It is interesting to see who gave nearly nothing to one or the other party and who gave large sums to both.




Chapter 1 - A Secretive Meeting


Chapter 2 - The Left Side of Wall Street


Chapter 3 - Deep, Deep Roots


Chapter 4 - "So, Do You Want to Come to the Administration?"


Chapter 5 - "We Know Each Other from Chicago"


Chapter 6 - Doing God's Work


Chapter 7 - Fat Cats and Fat Bonuses


Chapter 8 - Money Well Spent


Afterward - Where Do We Go Fom Here?


Appendix 1 - Key People


Appendix II - Key Firms, Government Departments, and Organizations


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