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Board of Governors

Subtitle: Purposes and Functions,- Board of Governors, Washington D. C. 1961, 238 pgs., index, paperback


Reviewer Comments - There have been changes in some aspects of theFED since 1961, but this book presents the operation and organization of the FED from the inside.




Chapter 1 - Functions of the Federal Reserve System


Chapter 2 - Functions of Bank Reserves


Chapter 3 - Instruments of Monetary Regulation


Chapter 4 - Structure of Federal Reserve System


Chapter 5 - The Credit Market


Chapter 6 - Interest Rates


Chapter 7 - Influence of Reserve Banking on Economic Stability


Chapter 8 - Supervisory Functions of the Federal Reserve


Chapter 9 - Relation of Reserve Banking to Currency


Chapter 10 - Relation of Reserve Banking to Gold


Chapter 11 - Balance Sheet of the Federal Reserve Banks


Chapter 12 - The Bank Reserve Equation


Chapter 13 - Short-term Changes in Bank Reserves


Chapter 14 - Service Functions


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