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Quintus Tullius Cicero


Subtitle: An Ancient Guide for Modern Politicians - Actually the translation of Commentariolum Petitionis by Philip Freemon - Princton Univ. Press, Princton, 2012, 93 pgs. further reading, glossary, introduction
The book was reviewed by Peter Stothard in the WSJ of March 8, 2012.


Reviewer comment - This is a fun book to read, but with direct application to our own time. The author, Quintus Cicero, was the younger brother of the most famous orator in Rome, Marcus Cicero. Marcus was seeking election as consul in 64 BC during the dangerous days of the Roman Revolution. This brief 'handbook' is his brother's advice on what he should do in the situation of Roman politics to win the election. The translator provides in his introduction a clear picture of the situation that faced Marcus Cicero. Much of the politics then will remain relevant to political campaigns today.


For an excellent discussion of Cicero and his times please read Mary Beard's SPQR: A history of Ancient Rome. And Richard Alston's Rome's Revolution


For Cicero, read Neal Wood's Cicero's Social and Political Thought


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