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Armen A. Alchian & William R. Allen


Sub-title: Competition, Coordination, & Control - Wadsworth Pub, Belmont, Calif.,, 1983, 475 pgs, index, tables, glossary


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Chapter One - Scarcity, Competition and Social Control


Chapter Two - Consumer Demand


Chapter Three - Exchange


Chapter Four - Market Prices as Social Coordinators


Chapter Five - Information Costs and Achievement of Exchanges


Chapter Six - Capital Values, Future Yields, and Interest


Chapter Seven - Production with Specialization


Chapter Eight - Production by Firms


Chapter Nine - Business Firms: Ownership,. Control, and Profits


Chapter Ten - Price Takers' Supply and Price Response to Consumer Demand


Chapter Eleven - Price Searchers


Chapter Twelve - Competition Among the Few


Chapter Thirteen - Restricted Access to Markets


Chapter Fourteen - Income from Personal Services


Chapter Fifteen - Labor-Market Institutions


Chapter Sixteen - Wealth: Saving and Investing


Chapter Seventeen - Unemployment and Idle Resources


Chapter Eighteen - The Domestic and Political Economies


Chapter Nineteen - Inflation


Appendix: Using Math and Graphs


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