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In this view from outside the fortress we see part of the lower city wall as well as most of the inner fortress wall on the crest. The Corrado Chikalo Tower (# 11) on the left here in the lower wall was built in 1404. At first it was the corner tower with an entrance from the wall that joined it to the south. The tower is of closed type and three stories and rectangular. On the first floor there was accomodation without windows. Most likely here was a supply dump of weapons and ammunition. The entrance to the first level is via a stairway inside the tower leading down from the second level. The entrance to the tower is via a doorway in the western wall at the second story, where in wartime the walls had a stone stairway. In the walls of the top floor there are viewing loopholes with chambers. On top are the usual merlons. The floors for the second and third levels were wooden. The tower was repaired in 1971. At the left end of the upper wall is the comandant's tower, the most powerful work in the inner defenses.


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