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Lukini di Flisko Lavani, tower (#10) was built in 1409. It is located on the north east part of the lower wall 123 meters from the Round Tower. The wall connecting the two towers makes a significant curve between them. Between the towers in the walls are located four loopholes. But much of this section of the wall is destroyed. The tower is three stories. The lower level has four walls, but the upper levels have only three (open in rear). The brick work on the inside of the walls show the projections to carry the beams for the wooden floor covering the lowest level. On the second level there are stone lancets. Support for the top level floor is on projections from the walls. This is the only tower with this type of construction. The bottom level has four blank walls (no openings), and there are viewing loopholes with chambers on the second level. The third level has embrasures with chambers. The top of the tower has the usual tooth-shaped merlons. The east wall of the tower was almost completely destroyed as can be seen in this view over the wall. The Corrado Chkalo tower is to the right.


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