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This gives a general view of the rear (inside fortress) of the two towers that comprise the entrance gate defensive works. Jakobo Torsello Tower. (# 2) Bernabo di Franki di Pagano Tower (# 3) They were built to strengthen the defense of the main gate. They are three stories high. Together they provide cross fire covering the barbican. The Jakobo Torsello Tower was built in 1385.The Bernabo di Franki di Pagano Tower was built in 1414. On the northern wall is the plaque with date and inscription. It is three stories of open type with only three walls. Inside these there are projections at each level to support the wooden beams on which the cover (floor) rested. There were reenforcements in the walls to prevent their being burst in by the blows of enemy rams. The tower foundations were reenforced. In the tower lowest level there are cut loopholes that look like chinks. In the upper level there are rectangular embrasures with chambers. The tower is topped by machicolations and then teeth shaped merlons. To the west side there is an attached semicircular single story structure with the remains of fireplace. This likely was the guardroom. In 1972 archeological workers inside the tower at a depth of 5 meters uncovered fragments of the wall and tower of pre-Genoese construction. The north wall of the tower is attached to the wall of the barbican. Further restoration work was accomplished in 1977-79.


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