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1. The methodology of the fundamentals of Soviet military science is the Marxist-Leninist philosophy and the elements that compose it, i.e. Marxism-Leninism's teachings on war and armies.

2. Military science is directed by the requirements of the party and state politics (policy) in the area of the defense of the country and take the following elements into account:
----- - the level and prospectives of the economic development;
----- - development of science and technology;
----- - quantitative and qualitative nature of the population;
----- - morale status of the people and personnel of the armed forces.

3. Military Science - It is a system of knowledge on laws, principles, means, and methods of the preparation and conduct of war in the interest of the defense of the Socialist fatherland.

4. Military-Technical Sciences -

5. Military-Technical Sciences are connected with the production and exploitation of rocket-nuclear means and other means and the impacts of their employment.

6. Military-Technical Sciences of Artillery

7. Military-Technical Sciences related to the structure and employment of aircraft equipment

8. Military-Technical Sciences of Naval forces

9. Military-Technical Sciences of Armored-Motor means

10. Military-Technical Sciences of military transport

11. Military-Technical Sciences of military engineering

12. Military Electro-Technical Science

13. Military-Social Sciences

14. Theory of Party and Political Work

15. Military Pedagogy

16. Military Psychology

17. Theory of military economy

18. Military judicial science

19. Military-Special Sciences

20. Military Geography

21. Military-Application of Aspects of Geophysics

22. Military Geododic Science

23. MIlitary Topography

24. Military Navigation

25. Military Metallurgy

26. Hydro-Meteorological Science

27. Military-Historical Sciences

28. History of War

29. History of Military Art

30. History of the development of the types of the armed forces and branches of arm.

31. History of the development of weapons and combat equipmentt

32. History of the structure and control of the armed forces

33. Military-Historiography

34. Military Historical ?

Thoery of Military Art

Military Strategy

Operational Art


Theory of troops control

operational art of SRF

operational art of Ground forces

Theory of the structure of the AF

operational art of air force

operational art of PVO

operational art of Naval forces

Theory of Civil defense

Tactics of SRF

Tactics of ground forces

Tactics of air force

Tactics of PVO

Tactics of Naval force

Social Sciences

Economic Sciences

Technical Sciences

Classification of the War

Local Wars

Global nuclear war between Capitalist and Socialist countries

War between several Capitalist and Socialist nations with conventional weapons, with subsequent limited use of nuclear weapons

War between a Capitalist country and a Socialist nation with conventional weapons with the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons

War of country against national liberation movements

War between two Capitalist countries with conventional weapons with the possibility of use of nuclear weapons





STAVKA (General Hqs)

Air Army of the VGK - Moscow

CinC Air Forces

CinC Navy

16 Military Districts - Cdrs

- Air Defense Forces

4 Fleets
- Northern
- Baltic
- Black Sea
- Pacific



- CinC
- Fronts

Western TVD
- CinC
- Fronts

- CinC
- Fronts

Southern TVD

- CinC
- Fronts

Far Eastern TVD
- CinC
- Fronts
- Air Army of the VGK
- Irkutsk

CinC Airborne Forces
- Divs

3 Air Armies of the VGK
- Smolensk
- Vinnitsa
- Legnica

CinC Air Defense Forces

CinC Strategic Rocket Forces

5 Air Defense Districts

- 6 Missile Armies